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About us

Our story

Hi there! We're Tim and Djinn. Our basecamp is Amsterdam, the Netherlands. But currently we’re biking to Sri Lanka. An adventure that will last for a minimum period of one year and, who knows, maybe even longer. We have no serious bike touring experience yet, but we think we have a bit of a head start being Dutch and using our (old, rusty) bikes as our main transportation.

Before we became biking nomads we both had busy lives. Tim is a bootcamp (aka outdoor sports) teacher and he works in the music industry. Djinn worked at an event company and upholsters furniture. We're both vegetarian and if we didn't live in the city we would get a dog immediately.

So why biking, everybody keeps asking. We can narrow it down very easily:

- We want to fully experience how it is to live a primitive (minimalistic) lifestyle.
- It’s one of the most sustainable ways of transport (next to walking).
- On a bike you can see, hear and smell everything around you. ‘The slower you go, the more you see’.
- Keeps the body active, big time.

So stick around and follow our story along the way. Only love is real.

Let's make the world less plastic

By supporting GLIMPS

We struck the attention from our friends and family ever since we said we’re going on a bike tour. So why not use our voice to lighten up a subject that we feel very serious about; The world is turning into a Plastic Ball!! We’re taking baby steps towards the right way. We’re cleaning everything, we’re emptying the ocean, we’re upcycling all the garbage.

But if we’re not changing the way we generate plastic waste, it’s a never ending cycle. In Holland we would say: ‘Dweilen met de kraan open’.

The answer lies in Bio Plastic (we believe). So we want to support this (still very unknown) development. We want to help GLIMPS, a organisation that engages a strategic transition towards an open bio-based economy. Their research includes biological adaptability of materials, biodesign and living fabrication technologies. Their mission is to help guide our society into a new era of production where objects get shaped by organisms.

GLIMPS needs a new autoclave for their lab. An autoclave is an advanced pressure cooker, indispensable for research in biofabrication. We want to raise € 3000 so a new machine can be purchased and the research can continue to make a less plastic world! Please help us by donating an amount of your choice. And who knows, in a couple of years, you can buy a bag at the supermarket which you can throw away in the biodegradable trash. Would’t that be insanely awesome?!

Donate now :)